dinsdag 6 maart 2012

dear Anja and other followers

First of all I want to say to my  followers that there is a translation button above on my blog so that you can read my comments in your own languages, I hope you can so read how I used my techniques, I am not so good in languages( I was better in siences ) I know I make a lot of mistakes in english, I never studied German, and my french is olso soso, (Je parle français comme a petite negre, on ma une fois dite) so there fore, the button above, I saw the  technique, of the copics  on "you tube" but I look after techniques, then I discover one, and like a little child I want to find out if he is possible for me, so afterwards I want to look again, and I can't find it any more, So I  promise that I will try again to find it , but when I don't find you have to do it with the button ,(I'm not so good with the computer either)I'm not even very good in ART but I always try!!! Sorry I , can do a lot but I am really not perfect, I now a little of everything!!! Hope you will still follow me, and give me some comments!!!

Thank for watching my arts!!!

After surching half an hour I found it back, so you go on you tube and the title is "copic glimmers technique using stamps from tim Holz" it is a crafty Kate Palmer  you tube film!!!



3 opmerkingen:

  1. Thank you so much Maria for the google tranlater:-) now I found it on top of your blog. There I don't searched before*g*
    Thanks for posting and comment, and quiete sure I stay with you as follower!!
    Lieve groetjes Anja

  2. Wat een schitterende kaart heb je weer gemaakt, Maria!
    Je gebruikt een aantal materialen waar ik nog nooit van heb gehoord.
    Wat is bv copicspapier?
    Groetjes, Monique

  3. Hoi Maria,
    Dank je wel voor je antwoord!
    Hier in Nederland verkopen ze nog wel correspondentiekaartjes bij de Hema. Die gebruik ik ook veel. Alleen is het jammer dat ze niet vierkant zijn. Bedoel je die?
    Groetjes, Monique